Hi! I am Bess, wife to Andrew, mommy to Max, stepmom to Jaylyn, dog-mom to Jasmine and Belle, and proud dilettante.

I’m so happy that you are checking out my blog, no matter how you stumbled upon it.

A little about me

  1. I am obsessed with fairy tales, Disney movies, YA fantasy and anything that combines elements of all of the above. I’ve lived much of my life in my head.
  2. I am almost equally obsessed with food. I love cheese and meat and garbage food, but I also love finding new and delicious ways of incorporating more produce and superfoods into my diet. I am mildly obsessed with asparagus and red bananas.
  3. Throughout the years, I have aspired to be a paleontologist, a marine biologist, a celebrity, a philanthropist, a teacher, and a writer. I went through a similar number of majors in college: theater, English, journalism, Spanish, broadcasting, public relations, education, and back to English. I now work as a case worker.
  4. I tend to personify everything – especially things that are cute. When eating anything shaped like an animal (i.e. gummy bears), I have to eat 2 at the same time so they don’t feel scared and alone as they travel down my esophagus. If I have to donate any of my old stuffed animals, I have to donate a pair so they aren’t alone. I also thank my hamburgers in my head for dying so I could eat something delicious.