Eileen Stone

Drain Cleaning: What Is It, Why Is It Important, And Should You Have It Done?


If you need to get drain cleaning done, it can be fairly obvious if your drains are totally clogged and giving you issues. Otherwise, you may go a very long time before you realize that you need to have your drain cleaning done, and by then it can be a pretty messy plumbing problem for you. So what is drain cleaning, why is it important, and should you have it done?

21 July 2023

What Can Happen If You Don't Maintain Your Kitchen Pipes?


When was the last time you had plumbing service on the pipes leading to and from your kitchen? Here's what could happen when you don't maintain your kitchen pipes. Clogged Drains Over time, debris such as food scraps, grease, and soap residue can accumulate in your kitchen pipes, leading to clogs. These clogs can worsen when neglected, causing slow drainage, foul odors, and even complete blockages. You may notice that water takes longer to drain from your sink or starts to back up, creating an inconvenience if you have to stop and wait for the water to drain.

14 July 2023

Need A New Hot Water Tank Installed? Here's What To Expect When You Hire A Plumber To Assist You


When your old hot water tank isn't functioning as it should and you need something new to provide the hot water you want in your home, you can benefit from buying and installing a new one. Instead of attempting to do this yourself, you can get help from a plumber who will assist in picking out the right water heater, selecting the ideal location for the new equipment, and completing the installation.

7 July 2023

Own A Home? Why It Is Important To Maintain Your Plumbing


A well-functioning plumbing system is vital for the comfort, convenience, and overall functionality of a home. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to neglect the maintenance of their plumbing until a major issue arises. Plumbing maintenance, however, plays a crucial role in preventing costly repairs, ensuring water efficiency, and promoting a healthy living environment. Below is information about the importance of regular plumbing maintenance and the benefits it provides to you. Find Problems Early

30 June 2023

Are You Missing These 3 Early Signs Of A Ceiling Water Leak?


Ceiling water leaks rank fairly high on the list of plumbing disasters a typical homeowner might face. A slow leak from a pipe running through a ceiling can cause extensive damage and even pose a fire risk if electrical wiring runs nearby. Unfortunately, leaks can also travel a long distance, sometimes dripping down joists to cause damage in distant areas.  Major leaks often cause noticeable water spots and dripping, but minor leaks may take longer to make themselves apparent.

26 June 2023

Calling A Plumber To Clean The Drains: When, Where, And Why


As a homeowner, you'll have certain types of maintenance you want to make sure you have done around your home. When you take proper care of the systems throughout your home, you can avoid repair issues, help things run more efficiently, and even cause systems to have longer lifespans. One of the types of maintenance you want to stay on top of around your house is having your drains proactively cleaned.

16 June 2023

Water Heater No Longer Supplying Hot Water? What You Should Do


When your water heater stops working, you feel those effects. Your water heater supplies you with the hot water that wakes you up for your day every morning and the hot water that washes your dishes and your clothing. If your hot water heater isn't working properly or isn't supplying you with hot water at all, it's going to become a major problem in your household. Read on for some helpful information if your hot water heater has stopped supplying your home with hot water.

8 June 2023

Some Of The HVAC Maintenance That's Needed To Keep Your Home Cool


HVAC maintenance can make the difference between keeping cool all summer and being caught in the heat and humidity when your equipment breaks down. Annual maintenance by a professional is necessary for your warranty, and it's also important for preventing breakdowns. In the spring and summer, maintenance is done on the condenser outside and part of the air handler indoors. Here are some parts of the air handler that need maintenance to keep your AC going.

1 June 2023

Air Conditioning Installation: Energy Efficiency Upgrades And Maintenance


Installing an air conditioning system is a significant investment that provides comfort and cool air during the hot summer months. However, it's important to consider energy efficiency upgrades and maintenance practices to maximize the performance of your air conditioning unit. Here are some energy efficiency upgrades to consider during air conditioning installation and essential maintenance tips to ensure optimal efficiency and longevity of your system. Energy Conscious Upgrades Committing to an air conditioning system can be a daunting process, particularly if you're attempting to save on your utility bills and help the environment.

22 May 2023

Should You Call A Plumber For A Blocked Wastewater Pipe?


Although many householders associate plumbers with their internal water supply system, for both hot and cold water, they are also highly skilled in dealing with wastewater, too. Residential plumbers should be able to deal with any issues you have with blocked drains on your property or within it. For example, some residential plumbing contractors will be able to clear blockages in the wastewater downpipes of apartment blocks while most will deal with clogged-up drains that are underground, leading away to the public sewerage network.

16 May 2023