Eileen Stone

Do Not Ignore These Three Common Residential Plumbing Problems


Having a plumbing system that's in good condition in your home is vital. A faulty system can cause leaking of the pipes and sinks, which could subsequently lead to water damage in your home. For instance, a major leak can cause warping of your ceiling, chipping wall paint, and even weakening the foundation. Keep in mind that repairing extensive plumbing damages is costly, and you should do residential plumbing repair early.

14 May 2021

Why Foundation Repair Is Worth The Cost


Anytime that your home needs repairs, one of the first things that you might ask yourself is whether or not the repairs are worth the cost. In many cases, you probably find that the answer is yes. However, there might also be times when you find that you don't actually want or need to spend the money on the repairs, such as if they aren't really essential. If you are asking yourself this about foundation repair, then you should know that you will almost certainly find that foundation repair is worth the cost.

9 March 2021

Three Reasons To Hire A Pro To Install Your Gas Line


It's not normally at the top of most DIYer's lists to install a gas line in their home, but every once in a while, the time will come when you'll need to do some kind of maintenance work. When that time comes, and especially if you need a whole new line replacement, you should absolutely hire a professional gas line installation contractor for the reasons outlined below. It's Illegal to Do It Yourself

25 June 2020

How To Check Your Home For Water Leaks


Higher water bills or a meter that keeps running even when all the taps are closed are both signs that you have a hidden leak somewhere in your house. The following guide can help you inspect the usual culprits so you can locate and repair the problem. Toilets Toilets can leak internally or externally. An internal leak is sometimes obvious, as your toilet may tend to run constantly or even to ghost flush when it's not in use.

26 May 2020

4 Tips For Installing A Tankless Water Heater In Your New Tiny Home


When building your tiny home, you have to make all of the decisions and handle all of the small details. For example, one thing that you have to think about is installing a water heater so that you can your family will have access to hot water. A tankless water heater can be a great decision for tiny house builders and owners. These are a few tips for installing a tankless water heater in your new tiny home.

23 April 2020