Calling A Plumber To Clean The Drains: When, Where, And Why


As a homeowner, you'll have certain types of maintenance you want to make sure you have done around your home. When you take proper care of the systems throughout your home, you can avoid repair issues, help things run more efficiently, and even cause systems to have longer lifespans. One of the types of maintenance you want to stay on top of around your house is having your drains proactively cleaned. This article will provide you with information on when, where, and why you should call the plumber to clean the drains. 

When you want to have your drains cleaned

Slow drains

If you notice that the drains in your home are starting to drain slower, then this can indicate the drains are in need of being cleaned. 

Repeated clogs

It's normal for a plumbing system to have the occasional clog. However, what's not normal is having the drains start clogging more frequently. If this starts to happen in your home, then it means there is likely a buildup in the drains that will only continue to get worse until you have them cleaned. 

Simultaneous clogs

If several of the drains throughout your home suddenly start clogging at the same time, then this may indicate there is a more serious clogging issue in the system. The plumber can come to determine where the blockages are and clear them for you. 


If the parts of your home with drains, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, start to have strange odors, then they could be coming from the drain. Once you have the plumber clean the drains, the odors will likely disappear. 

Where the plumbers can clean drains in your home

Two of the most common rooms for a plumber to work on when they come out to clean the drains are the kitchen and bathrooms. However, if you have a sink in the laundry room or in the basement, then these drains should be cleaned at the same time. The shower and tub drains should also be included, as should outside drains that can become clogged with leaves and debris. 

Why you should call a plumber to clean the drains

There are products on the market that can help you clean clogs yourself. However, there are many reasons why these products can be problematic. For one thing, they won't do the job nearly as well as the plumber would. Also, when you clean the drains yourself, it prevents the plumber from being able to get a look at the plumbing system to determine if there are any other issues going on. A plumber will use the right equipment and make sure no areas are overlooked.

Contact a local plumber to learn more. 


16 June 2023

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