Exploring Your Options For Sewer Line Repair


If a recent sewer line inspection has revealed cracks in your home's sewer pipes, your plumbing contractor may suggest that you consider repair before you opt for replacement. Sewer line repair, when possible, is a more cost-effective and faster solution because it requires minimal excavation and does not require your contractors to remove the existing pipes. Here's a look at a few of the options for repairing your home's sewer line damage. 

Spray Coating

When you think of sealing a cracked sewer line, you might not think of a spray liner, but it is an effective solution when you have a pipe that has minimal to moderate damage. A spray coating is applied directly to the interior surface of the pipe where it dries and cures to the inside of the pipe. This solution is cost-effective and affordable when you have pipes with only shallow cracks that need reinforcement.

Pulled Lining

A pulled sewer pipe liner is often used for pipes with minimal to moderate cracks. This process involves inserting a liner into the pipe and then using a rope or winch assembly to pull that liner all the way through the pipe to cover the damaged areas. Once the liner is in its proper position, hot water or steam is applied to the inside of the pipes to cure the liner so that it adheres to the pipe and bonds to seal the damage.

Placed Lining

When you have a pipe with just one damaged section and minimal cracks, you can apply a placed lining. These are smaller pipe linings that are simply placed where the damage is and then cured directly with hot water or steam, as with the pulled lining structure. They are usually made of similar material as the pulled lining and bond directly to the pipe to create a comprehensive seal where the crack exists.

Burst Pipe Lining

As the name suggests, a burst pipe lining is essentially a whole new pipe inserted into the existing sewer pipe before the existing pipe is then burst to shatter it. This is the best solution when the existing pipe is deteriorated beyond adequate restoration but you don't want to have to excavate the full pipe system to install a new one.

Instead of choosing a costly replacement, talk with your sewer line repair contractor about lining the pipes instead. He or she can help you assess these options to find the one that's the right fit for your situation.

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28 April 2023

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