What You Need To Know Before Scheduling A Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement


Has your sewer line become clogged with tree roots or been otherwise damaged beyond repair? The only option used to be to have the sewer line dug out and replaced, which was time-consuming, expensive, and messy. But in more recent years, sewer companies have instead begun using a method called trenchless sewer line replacement. Via this method, they are able to replace a non-functional sewer line without digging a big trench in your yard. If you're about to schedule such a service, there are a few things you might want to know beforehand, such as the following.

How can they possibly replace a sewer line without digging it up?

The name "trenchless sewer line replacement" is actually a bit of a misnomer. In actuality, the line that is damaged or clogged won't be replaced. Instead, it will be cleaned out, and then a new pipe will basically be put inside of it. This new pipe is made from epoxy, so it can be fed down into the sewer pipe and then expanded until it touches the insides of the pipe walls and forms a barrier over them. The new pipe, which is directly inside of the old pipe, will be durable enough to resist root growth, prevent the pipe from collapsing, and prevent other damage for years to come. All of this work can be done through your existing sewer access, or sometimes through one small hole that is dug near the pipe.

How do the installers know they're positioning the new pipe correctly?

Cameras allow for this. There are specialty cameras that are designed specifically do be fed down into sewer lines. They allow the workers to see exactly what parts of the old pipe are damaged, and to be sure that the "new" pipe thoroughly covers those sections. 

Do homeowners insurance companies cover trenchless sewer line replacement?

In many cases, sewer line repairs are excluded from homeowners insurance policies. However, there are exceptions, so it is often worth calling your homeowners insurance company to check. If they cover sewer line work, they will likely cover trenchless sewer line replacement. You may need to submit camera footage as evidence of the type of damage the sewer line suffered. So, if you plan on filing an insurance claim, make sure you ask the technicians to keep this footage for you.

Trenchless sewer line replacement has become the go-to option for most sewer line replacement jobs. Talk to a professional to learn more.


20 April 2023

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