3 Options For Sewer Line Replacement


If your sewer line is leaking wastewater or sewage in your yard, you'll probably need to have the line replaced. A plumber can do a video inspection to find out what's wrong with the line. In some cases, repairs might be possible, but if the line is old and fragile, it might be time to replace it. Here's a look at sewer line replacement options.

1. Dig A Trench To Access The Old Line

At one time, digging up an old sewer line was the only way to replace a bad pipe. This type of repair is still done occasionally, but trenchless repairs have become more common. Digging a trench to expose the old line is one way to reach the line to remove it and replace it with a new drain.

However, this can be disruptive to your yard, and it could get expensive if you have to dig up mature landscaping and replace it.

2. Replace The Pipe With A Liner

You might prefer a trenchless form of sewer line replacement so you don't have to tear up your yard. This method involves pulling a liner through the old pipe. The liner is then inflated so it takes the form of a new pipe. It hardens in place and replaces the old sewer line. All the work is done under the ground, so very little digging is needed, if any.

This method of replacing a sewer line is convenient, especially if the old line runs underneath your patio or sidewalk. Plus, the liner is cut to the exact length of the drain, so there are no joints where leaks might develop in the coming years.

3. Bust Up The Old Pipe Underground

Pipe bursting is another way to replace an old sewer line without digging it up. It is similar to pipe lining except the old pipe stays in place with a liner, and the old pipe is busted apart with pipe bursting. The contractor pulls the new pipe under the ground and as the new pipe moves along, it busts up the old pipe so the old pipe is out of the way.

This method of sewer line replacement requires very little digging, so your yard is spared damage. It's also quick, so the work will be done and over with as soon as possible.

Your plumbing contractor has to consider the type of sewer line you have and its condition when determining the right way to go about repairs. They can gather information about your sewer line through a video inspection that's often done before begins.

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7 March 2023

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