4 Questions About Replacing Your Home's Sewer Line


If your home is connected to a municipal sewer system, you are going to have an underground pipe that leads from your home to the sewer. As a homeowner, this pipe is your responsibility to replace if something were to go wrong with it. That's why it will help to know the answers to the following questions about sewer line replacement.

What Are The Signs That Sewer Line Replacement Is Necessary?

It's hard to tell if your sewer line is simply clogged or in need of a replacement without using a sewer camera. That's because the problems associated with both can be very similar, such as clogs, odors, and slow-moving drains. A sewer camera can tell you if there is a clog that needs to be cleared or if the sewer line has collapsed and needs to be replaced. Thankfully, a plumber can help inspect the sewer line for you and answer this question. 

How Does Sewer Line Replacement Work?

Once the need for sewer line replacement has been identified, a lot of work needs to go into fixing the problem. Since that line is buried underground, your yard will need to be excavated to reach the sewer line. The old sewer line that is damaged will be removed, and then replaced with brand-new pipe material. If you had ceramic drain tiles for your sewer line in the past, they will be replaced with stronger PVC pipes.

Are Permits Necessary For Sewer Line Replacement? 

It is very likely that you'll need to get a permit to perform sewer line replacement at your home. This is because there can be other utility lines buried underground that need to be avoided, and a permit ensures that the job will be done correctly. In addition, a permit protects you as a homeowner, since the work is inspected by a city official. 

How Long Will Sewer Line Replacement Take To Perform?

The length of time needed to perform a sewer line replacement will really depend on your home. It is possible to replace an entire sewer line in a single day when conditions are ideal. This includes being able to easily get excavation equipment into your yard, installing a short run of pipe going from your home to the sewer, and not having any other utility lines that need to be avoided. The process can take longer when you have a very long sewer line and complicated terrain to navigate. 

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22 February 2023

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