Planning To Schedule A Drain Cleaning Service? Here's What To Expect


Blocked drains are inconvenient, can create health issues, and even cause property damage if the problem isn't fixed on time. Although most people opt to clear the clog with a plunger, this solution doesn't always work. 

If you face such a situation, you should go for professional drain cleaning. These experts will use proper techniques to eliminate the clog, leaving you with healthier drain lines that will work efficiently for longer. They won't damage the pipes or provide unsatisfactory results. Here is what you should expect during clogged drain cleaning.

Blockage Assessment

In most cases, clogs are formed when organic debris like grease, soap scum, skin cells, hair, and food crumbs accumulate in the drain lines. Natural minerals in hard water can also build up in the pipes over time and cause clogs. When professionals arrive, the first thing they'll do is assess the issues you have. The objective is to determine the kind of drain blockage and the drain line condition before unclogging.

Drain Inspection

The most reliable way to know the actual location of a clog is to perform a video inspection. The plumbing experts use waterproof video cameras to inspect the lines, particularly those below the foundation or cement, and cannot be seen without digging up an area. 

Usually, they insert a rod that is attached to a camera into the wastewater lines to begin the installation process. The device will travel through the sewage line to show the condition of the pipes and pipe walls. Plumbing technicians observe the footage in real-time, making it easy to determine how to resolve the plumbing issues immediately.

Blockage Removal 

Once they identify the clogs in the drain, the drain cleaning team will determine the best way to deal with the issue. There are various ways to eliminate clog issues, so the inspection results will determine the technique to use. For instance, if there is only one major clog, they may opt for drain snaking a drain auger. 

But in cases where multiple clogs are forming at the same time or tree roots are growing in the pipes, hydro-jetting will work better. Hydro-jetting entails using a machine to blast high-pressure water through the lines to destroy all hard blockages and clear drains. The lines will be as clean as they were when you installed them, so the clog issue won't recur quickly. Besides, this technique doesn't damage the lines, so they'll last longer once the blockages are cleared.

To learn more, contact a professional drain cleaning service in your area.


21 December 2022

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