Does Your Sump Pump Need A Replacement? 4 Telling Signs


The sump pump plays a significant role in removing excess water from your home's basement. Given that you likely don't use the pump regularly, you may not notice developing malfunctions. So to avoid unexpected failure when using the pump, you should watch out for early signs of failure and take quick action. This article looks at signs indicating that your sump pump needs to be replaced.  

The Pump Runs Continuously

If your pump runs non-stop, it might be time to replace it. Many things can cause your pump to behave this way. For instance, the issue can be due to a damaged switch arm mechanism. Besides that, you'll experience this issue if your sump pump isn't appropriately sized for your property's needs. Whichever the case, prompt replacement of the pump is necessary.

The Pump Vibrates Excessively

During operation, the pump runs with low-tone noise. Therefore, noise levels that are abnormal point to a hidden problem. Usually, odd sounds mean that some of the pump's internal parts are failing. The noises may also occur when the tank sucks debris, causing the impellers to bend. While it's possible to re-bend the impellers, you can cause further damage if you don't handle it skillfully. So, the best cause of action would be to replace the sump pump.

The Pump Has Diminished Efficiency Due To Underuse

If you don't use your pump regularly, its efficiency might decline, necessitating its replacement. To avoid unexpected failure of your pump, you should conduct regular tests between heavy rainfall seasons. That way, you can check any signs of failure and address them promptly. The last thing you want is a flooded basement and a pump that doesn't work.

The Pump Doesn't Turn On At All

If you try switching on your sump pump, but it doesn't work, the problem could emanate from a loose electrical connection. In such a situation, try to plug a different electrical device into the outlet to see whether it is functional. If the device works, the pump could have damaged internal wiring and needs to be replaced. This problem can also occur if the motor has burned out.

When you notice any warning indicators of a sump pump failure, ensure that you speak to an experienced plumber. While the expert can address certain issues through repairs, the abovementioned problems call for a sump pump replacement. But while replacing the pump, seek assistance from your plumber. They will help you choose an appropriate size and model to suit your needs. 

Contact a local plumber to learn more about sump pump replacement.


15 December 2022

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