Water Damage Restoration Tips For Your First Hurricane


The first time your home is struck by a hurricane, you suddenly realize how much you don't know. Your home is wet, things are damaged, and you're a bit unsure as to what you should do first. Your first priority needs to be getting the home dried out and the water damage addressed. Here are some tips to help you do that effectively and safely.

Treat the water as contaminated.

If you touch the water or touch anything that has been touched by the water, wash your hands very well. This water may look clear, but it is not clean. Sewers often back up during hurricane-related flooding, which means the water in and around your home likely contains sewage bacteria. This is also a good reason to hire professionals to do your water damage restoration. They'll have the equipment and know-how to protect themselves from infectious and otherwise dangerous bacteria in the water.

Call your insurance company first.

Water damage claims tend to be big claims, so insurance companies often have a lot of restrictions around how the work needs to be done and who needs to do it. Your insurance company may require you to hire a water damage restoration company with certain licenses. Or, they may require you to do so within a certain timeframe. It's important to know these restrictions from the get-go so you can follow the rules and be sure to have your claim covered.

Contact a local water damage restoration company.

There may be some companies that come in from out of town or out of state to help with the hurricane cleanup. But if possible, you want to work with a local company. They tend to be more familiar with the local weather patterns, how buildings are constructed in your area, and how to interact with the local insurers. However, if all the local companies are booked and cannot get to you, hiring a "visiting" company is better than attempting to do this yourself. Just make sure you make them aware of your insurance company's requirements before they start work. They might have some questions about your home construction, too, so stick around to answer them. 

Your first time going through a hurricane can be tough. Make sure you keep the tips above in mind as you work on water damage restoration. With a good company in your corner, you will go a long way. 


23 November 2022

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