3 Things You Should Do To Prepare Your Plumbing For The Cold Winter Weather


With the fall season in full swing, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the winter months ahead and the impact the colder weather can have on your home's plumbing system. If you fail to take the time to ensure your plumbing is ready for the cold winter weather, you could find yourself dealing with some rather serious plumbing issues such as frozen pipes. The good news is, protecting your plumbing system from this type of damage can be easier than you think. In fact, most winter weather plumbing problems can be avoided by completing the three simple steps below.

#1: Turn Off Water Supply For Outdoor Faucets 

Outdoor faucets can be especially vulnerable to temperature-related damage since they have no protection against the elements. In order to avoid a leak in your outdoor fixtures it is best to turn off the supply to these faucets before the temperature drops below freezing. Once you have turned off the water supply at the shutoff valve you will want to turn your faucets to the "on" position. This will ensure that pressure does not build up in the line if any residual water left in the pipe freezes when the temperatures drop. You may also wish to put covers over the faucets in order to prevent icicles from forming. 

#2: Make Sure That Your Interior Pipes Are Accessible By Your Heating System

Pipes that are located in the interior of your home, such as those in your kitchen and bathroom, are pretty well protected from the outdoor elements. However, if these pipes are not accessible by your home's heating system you could still experience frozen pipes if the temperature outside drops low enough. In order to ensure your pipes are accessible by your heating system you will want to open any cabinets that cover your pipes each time the temperature drops below freezing. You may also wish to add some additional insulation to these pipes in order to further protect against freezing.

#3: Make Sure Exterior Pipes Are Well Insulated

Pipes that run along the exterior of your home or in areas that are not well heated will need additional insulation in order to prevent them from freezing. In many cases, you can simply use foam insulation to protect these pipes. However, if the pipes in question are directly exposed to outdoor temperatures or if they are located in an area with no heat, you may want to consider the addition of an electric pipe warmer which will turn on and heat the pipe any time the pipe drops below a certain temperature. 

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4 November 2022

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