Indications That Your Well Pump Is Needing Major Repairs


A water well can be one of the more reliable options for providing a home with water when it is located in an area that may not be serviced by a water utility company. The pump is a key part of any well system, and this makes it imperative to act quickly when this part of the well pump starts to suffer significant problems.

Water That Is Visibly Red 

If the water that is coming from the well pump is starting to turn red, this could indicate that some of the interior components of the well pump are starting to corrode. Unfortunately, this is an extremely damaging issue as it can weaken many of the internal components of the well pump. Eventually, these components can become weak enough to completely break, and this could cause the entire well pump to suddenly stop working. If you are noticing the water from the well appear a reddish color or notice flakes of rust in it, a well pump repair service should be hired to inspect it to determine the extent of the damage that has occurred to the system.

The Well Pump System Running Far More Than Normal

Your water well pump should generally only run for relatively short periods of time. This is due to the fact that the water well system will have a storage tank that holds water for when it is needed by the home. The pump will only activate to refill this tank once it becomes low. However, if your well pump is suffering from mechanical issues, it could be forced to run for far longer than normal to refill this storage tank. Depending on the location of your well, you may not be able to easily notice when the well system is running. However, a well pump that is working more than normal will result in considerably higher energy costs, which you may notice when your monthly power bill arrives.

Signs Of Water Leaks Around The Pump Or The Storage Tank

A leak in the well system is a significant problem due to the amount of property damage that it may cause. If this leak is large enough to cause substantial erosion, it could even remove the soil that is supporting the components of the well pump, which may lead to the problem rapidly worsening. Unusual puddles of water near the well or along the path of the line from the well to the house can be a warning sign that a major leak has developed and that prompt repairs will be needed.

Contact a service to find out when you need well pump repair. 


28 October 2022

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