Residential Plumbing Services: 3 Benefits Of Drain Snake Cleaning


The most frustrating thing in the home-owning world is a clogged drain. It prevents you from using the sink because the effluent water backs up, and a foul smell can start coming from the drain before you know it. The good news is that there are many ways to clean a clogged drain, and one of them is with a drain snake.

The long, flexible rod can effectively remove blockages in your kitchen drain, allowing you to enjoy fast drainage. Residential plumbing services have access to a collection of drain snakes designed to address various types of clogs. Read on to learn why drain snake cleaning is so effective.

1. Versatile 

While plungers are handy plumbing tools homeowners can use for kitchen clogs, there's a limit to how much this tool can achieve. Furthermore, a plunger cannot be used on all types of drains, such as your toilet, bathtub, or floor drains. On the other hand, a drain snake is versatile enough to reach the clogs in your drainage system and dissolve them. Your plumber who has experience working with the tool will know how to manipulate it depending on the severity and location of the clogs.

2. Straightforward Operation

Another benefit of drain snake cleaning is its straightforward operation which allows your local plumber to restore excellent drainage in your kitchen in record time. If you try to clear the kitchen drain clog with a plunger and it doesn't work, don't hesitate to contact residential plumbing services and let them come to your aid.

All your plumber will have to do is insert the snake into the drain and turn the handle so that the coil can spin and clear the blockage. And just like that, effluent water won't accumulate in your kitchen sink.

3. It's Tough on Clogs 

As you know, plungers are only effective when there is air in between the plunger and the clog to create suction. If there is no air pocket, then the plunger cannot generate enough suction to loosen the clog. On the other hand, since a snake drain cleaner uses physical force to push through clogs, it will work even if there is no air pocket present. 

Furthermore, since plungers only address clogs that are close to the sink, you need professional intervention when dealing with several clogs within the kitchen drain. Your designated plumber will choose a properly sized snake drain suitable for clearing all the clogs in one attempt.

While there are clogs that your kitchen plunger can clear, sometimes, the blockage can only be cleared with a drain snake. When you realize this, don't hesitate to contact residential plumbing services and ask for their professional assistance. For more information on residential plumbing, contact a professional near you.


20 October 2022

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