4 Indicators Of A Damaged Sewer Pipe


A cracked, worn-out, or otherwise compromised drain line can be alarming because, if left unaddressed, it can result in sewage backup, property damage, and health risks. Thus, you need to recognize the indicators of a damaged waste pipe to avoid escalated problems and the corresponding expensive repairs. Engage a certified plumbing contractor if you notice any of the following signs. They can inspect the system thoroughly and ascertain whether the line requires repairs or replacement: 

Foul Odors

The first element that may alert you to a sewer line issue is a strange smell. Since the line is not supposed to emit any smell, it is important to contact an expert plumber if you notice any weird or gas-like smells. The line may need to be repaired or replaced to resolve the cracks that are the likely culprit letting out the odor.

Mold And Mildew Growth

When there is a problem with the sewer lines, your home has increased moisture, providing mold and mildew with suitable growth conditions. This biological growth is likely to occur on walls near plumbing fixtures. As such, it is best to hire a specialist if you observe mold or other growth on your walls. The expert examines the walls and determines whether the growth is due to a sewer or other issue. Once accurately diagnosed, they then provide the appropriate solution.

Puddles And Soggy Spots In Your Yard

If you notice pools of water or muddy spots in your yard, there might be a drainage problem, particularly with your sewer system. Furthermore, you may hear gurgling sounds outdoors on your property, indicating that a sewer pipe is leaking into the surrounding soil. Additionally, observing a patch of grass that is greener than the rest of your yard could mean it is receiving nutrients that the rest of the area isn't. This points to a hole or crack in your sewer pipes, so you must get the help of a plumber promptly.

The Presence Of Pests

Pests are commonly attracted to dampness and bad odors, and a broken sewer line meets both of these conditions. The creatures can also use broken drain pipes to find their way into your home. Thus, it is crucial that you take immediate action if you notice an increasing number of pests in your home. Enlist a plumber to inspect and fix the sewer system.

A damaged sewer line can make your home uncomfortable, pose a health hazard, and attract pests. Contact a local plumbing contractor to learn more. 


6 September 2022

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