What Washing Machine Problems Can Plumbers Fix?


In most cases, if your washing machine is acting up, you should call an appliance repair expert. These professionals are most equipped to repair problems with the motor and other moving parts in washing machines. However, there are some washing machine problems that are better solved by a plumber. Here are a few key washing machine problems you should call a plumber to solve.

No Hot Water

Washing certain clothes in hot water gets them cleaner. But what if you turn the washing machine onto the "hot" setting and cold water still comes out? This is generally not an issue with the actual washing machine, but with your hot water heater. A plumber can come out and look over the unit to see why it's not heating. Most hot water heater issues have to do with valve problems or gas leaks. Or, if the hot water heater is working, there may be a blockage or break in the hot water pipe leading from the water tank to the washing machine. These are also problems a plumber can fix.

Leaky Hoses

There is a hose leading from your washing machine to either your drain or your laundry sink. This hose is typically made from hard rubber. While it is durable, it can develop cracks over the years, especially if you bend and move it a lot. When the hose cracks, you will start to see drops and puddles of water near your washing machine. A plumber is the best person to call. They can replace the leaky hose. Or, in some cases, they may need to replace the fasteners and connectors that hold the hose to the washing machine.

Low Water Pressure

Does it seem like your washing machine is taking ages to fill up? Or, it may be turning on and beginning to cycle the clothing even when it has not filled up. This problem can be due to low water pressure. A plumber can look into why the pressure has fallen. They might find a mineral blockage in the water lines, in which case, they can replace that part of the line. Or, they might find that too narrow a pipe was used to connect your washer. They can then replace it with a thicker one.

Plumbers can fix a number of washing machine problems, including the ones above. Reach out to a plumber in your area if you're experiencing any of these problems.


28 July 2022

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