Basement Waterproofing Tips


Waterproofing your basement is important to prevent water seepage from ruining your home. Seepage can turn into more water coming in and eventually flooding can occur. Basement seepage occurs when you have too much water seeping into the ground near your foundation and it finds a way into the tiny cracks and crevices of your basement foundation walls. As your home ages and the ground next to the house settles, it can eventually lead to this type of damage. Waterproofing should be done to ensure this doesn't damage your home. Read on for some basement waterproofing tips so you can waterproof your basement. 

Fill In Holes And Cracks

Fill in all holes and cracks using concrete caulk or fill. Clean out the holes using a hard-bristle brush, then remove any loose debris inside the holes or the cracks. Once clean, you need to fill in the holes and cracks using a concrete caulk or concrete fill. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use them. Smooth the surface of the sealer you used to fill in the holes and cracks. Continue to do this throughout your basement.

Cover The Walls With Waterproofing Paint

Clean your walls and floors thoroughly to remove any dirt and debris so you have a clear view of your basement walls and floors. Once clean and dry, you can use basement waterproofing paint to coat these areas and prevent seepage. Basement waterproofing paint can be found at your local hardware store. Be sure to find paint that will help to fill in those tiny cracks and to keep water out.

Re-Grade Your Yard

Waterproofing inside is only one of the things you should do. You also have to prevent the water from coming in in the first place. Re-grading your yard is one thing you can do to prevent the water from coming in. The water may be settling too close to the foundation of your home and then seeping into your basement. Have your hard regraded to allow the water to drain properly away from your home.

Hire A Professional

Hire a professional waterproofing company to come out and inspect your home, then do what it takes to prevent any further seepage into your basement. They will do a thorough inspection and get the job done correctly.

If your basement is seeping every time it rains, or even if it only does it sometimes, it's a problem that needs to be repaired. Hire a professional waterproofing company to help you get the job done.

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21 July 2022

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