Keep Your HVAC System Running Smoothly This Summer


When the summer heat rolls in, you rely on your HVAC system to keep you comfortable. On the hottest of days, your air conditioner probably works overtime to keep you cool. And on the more moderate days, you may still use the fan to circulate air. With all of these demands on your HVAC system, it will require some care and attention from you. Here are some ways to keep it running smoothly this summer.

Clean out your air conditioner.

If you can afford to have a professional HVAC service to clean your AC and fan before summer, do so. If this is outside of your budget, you can still give the system a basic cleaning on your own. The most important thing is to remove the cover from your outdoor air conditioning unit and remove leaves and other debris from the equipment. You can also clean the indoor coil. There are specialized coil cleaners that you spray on, then wipe away. Clean HVAC equipment operates more efficiently and suffers less wear and tear in the summer.

Vacuum out your vents

Once your equipment is clean, you want to keep it that way. Use a screwdriver to remove all of your vent covers. Clean these vent covers; you can do this in the sink. Also, use your vacuum cleaner to reach down into each vent and suck up as much dust and dirt as you can. Using the vacuum want attachment often helps you reach deeper and clean more thoroughly. Then, put the vent covers back on and walk away.

Change the filters.

Even if you don't do anything else on this list, change your air filters. You want a nice, fresh one when you start using your HVAC in the summer. This way, it will catch the dirt and the debris in the air and keep it from accumulating on your air conditioner. Also, stock up on air conditioner filters for the season. You'll want to change the filter every month or two so that dirt doesn't have time to build up in the system. Changing the filter will help keep the system running efficiently and use less energy, as well.

Summer is a challenging season for your HVAC, so take good care of your equipment. Even if you only do the three things above, you will be giving your system the support it needs to keep you cool.  


14 July 2022

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