Is My Well Pump Malfunctioning? Here Are Signs You Need Repair Service


Well pumps play a vital role in many homes by ensuring that the residence has a constant clean water supply. But just like other pieces of equipment, water well pumps can malfunction unexpectedly or show signs of going bad. 

If you are keen and notice the signs, you can get the pump repaired before it stops working. This will not only reduce your repair costs but also ensure you don't face major water issues in your home. Here are some common signs your well pump isn't functioning optimally.

Poor Tasting or Discolored Water

A functional well pump not only pumps water but also filters out the sediments to ensure you get fresh water. If you notice that the water is muddy or cloudy or suddenly tastes bad, you should get an expert to check on the pump. 

Chances are that the unit cannot filter out silt and other sediments as efficiently as it should, so bacteria, decaying organic waste, and dirt remain in the water. Other than causing a bad water taste, these contaminants are dangerous to both animals and humans, so don't use the water until the pump is repaired.

Short Cycling Issues

This problem occurs when there's no air in the well pump once the pressure tank is logged in the water. Normally, residential water well pumps are designed to run for about a minute, so if your pump's operating time is less, it's short cycling. Sometimes the short cycles may be accompanied by loud noises in the water pipes. If you notice this, consider getting your water pump examined by a pro.

Water Pressure Fluctuations

Another prevalent indicator of a malfunctioning well pump is water pressure fluctuations. The water pressure changes occur due to a number of factors like low water levels in the well, bacterial build-up, a faulty pressure tank, and scaling in the pipes caused by hard water. A defective motor may also be responsible for the pressure changes. To restore water pressure, you will need a plumbing technician to determine the cause and clean all the build-up.

Weird Noises

If you have been using your well pump for some time, you already know how it usually sounds. If the pump starts to make odd or new sounds, it may mean that something is failing. For instance, when the bladder in the pressure tank starts leaking air, it will cause the pump to restart frequently. This constant start and stop cycle will strain the motor and cause it to make unusual sounds. You may also hear weird sounds if a moving part is worn out.

Contact a plumber for more information. 


23 May 2022

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