What To Do If The Hot Water Boiler System Is Your Home Is Acting Up


Heating with hot water from a boiler system is an efficient and comfortable method that has been in use for many years. The boilers are better now, and the systems allow more flexibility. However, like any heating system, they can still develop problems that may require some intervention from heating services to resolve.

Gurgling Sounds

One of the most common things that you may experience with a hot water heating system is air in the system that causes odd gurgling sounds when the heat comes on. The sound you are hearing are bubbles occurring inside the lines because of air pockets and the moving water. 

Air in the system is easily fixed, but the heating services tech will need to shut the system down so they can bleed the air out of the lines for you. The process can take a few minutes or a few hours. It depends on the severity of the situation. If the system uses several zones or separate circulating loops, you may have to have both zones bled, but it is also vital to determine how the air leaked into the lines. 

If there is a crack or a seal that has gone bad, it needs to be fixed of the air will eventually build up in the system again, producing odd sounds and reducing the system's efficiency. 

Warm Water

Most residential boiler heating systems also produce domestic hot water. If you notice a problem with the water not getting hot or only getting warm, there may be an issue inside the boiler restricting the flow through the heat exchanger, or the boiler may not be firing correctly. 

Many hot water heating systems run on heating oil, and over time the fuel nozzle, fuel filter, and firebox can get dirty and require a system cleaning. Soot can also build up in the heat exchanger's fins, so it is vital that the heating tech cleans them when they are cleaning the rest of the system. 

Often debris will build up in the fuel filter from the tank, especially if you run it low on fuel. The filter is made of paper and is easily removed and replaced with a new filter, but it is in the fuel line, so you need to have the system shut down and the fuel line shut off to do it. 

Once the system is cleaned and the heat exchanger has good airflow, check the water temperature to ensure it gets hot. If it is still not hot, the tech may need to make some adjustments to the boiler system to ensure the heating and the hot watersides of the system are working correctly.

For more information, contact a professional heating expert in your area.


4 April 2022

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