Reducing The Impacts Poor Drainage Can Have On Your Home's Foundation


The drainage for the foundation of your home may not be a factor of homeownership that individuals often fail to appreciate. In particular, there are new homeowners that may not appreciate the need or know the options for improving the drainage of the soil around their foundation.

Poor Foundation Drainage Can Cause Sizable Damage To The Home

A lack of good drainage around the foundation can cause a number of different damages to the home. An especially common type of damage can be due to water seeping into the concrete of the foundation. Over time, this can lead to the concrete weakening in ways that could structurally compromise it. Additionally, poor drainage can increase the rate of erosion under the foundation, which can contribute to it suffering extensive damage due to a loss of support.

There Are Many Factors To Consider When Designing A Drainage System For A Foundation

To effectively manage the runoff and drainage needs of the foundation, it is important for a comprehensive soil and terrain assessment to be conducted. By understanding the drainage and runoff patterns for the soil, it is possible to create a drainage design that will be far more effective. Unfortunately, this is a step in the process that a homeowner may not fully appreciate. However, it can be one of the most important steps as the drainage upgrades that will be needed for clay dominant soils will be different from soil that has a higher sand content. Furthermore, a home in a low-lying area will be far more prone to standing water drainage problems while homes on inclines may experience runoff that is moving swiftly enough to carry away the soil.

It Is Possible To Upgrade The Drainage For An Existing Foundation

A homeowner may fully appreciate the benefits that will come with good drainage for their foundation. However, they may be operating under the belief that these upgrades can only be made when the home and foundation are first being built. In reality, it is possible to make a number of upgrades to improve the drainage of the foundation. Installing French drains, gutters, and other systems to carry away the water that is near the foundation are effective solutions that can be done without the need to make major structural changes to the home or its foundation. A foundation drain design contractor can assist you with reviewing the soil and terrain as well as the design of the home to create a plan for improving the drainage in this important area.


23 March 2022

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