Top 4 Drain Cleaning Tips You Shouldn't Overlook


Many residential property owners make an obvious mistake when it comes to adhering to their home maintenance routine. They neglect their drain pipes until something happens, like foul-smelling gases in the house or clogs that prevent wastewater from draining efficiently. 

But, you can avoid inconveniences and costly expenses incurred to fix such problems by prioritizing preventative maintenance. So how do you go about it? Below are some drain cleaning tips you shouldn't ignore.

Make Sure You Clean Your Lines Regularly

One measure you can take to keep your drain pipes clean is to get an enzyme cleaner. These products come in various types, so choose those that clean out drainage lines. You should be able to find high-grade enzyme cleaners at a local plumbing supply outlet or hardware store. 

Make sure you follow the outlined instructions and place them in a large drain, like the basement drain. Usually, enzyme cleaners trigger a biological reaction that takes time, so exercise some patience as the cleaner does its work.

Use a Snake to Unclog Drains

A clog can easily form in a drain system that hasn't been cleaned out for a while. One efficient way to deal with minor clogs is to use a snake. These augers are inserted into the drain line to twist or cut through a clog. 

While this drain unclogging method may be cheap, it's important to note that it doesn't work on big blockages. Besides, you have to be careful not to damage the lines. So, if you use a snake and notice that it cannot get through, be sure to contact your plumber to handle the work on your behalf.

Use Boiling Water to Loosen up Sources of Blockage

Pouring a pot of hot water down your drain will assist you in loosening up sources of clogs that may be in the drain lines. This is especially vital if you are dealing with an oil or grease build-up that hardens within the lines, becoming hard to remove. So, make it a habit to periodically pour boiling water down your drain lines to ensure clogs don't get a chance to form.

Seek Professional Drain Cleaning Service When All Else Fails

If you have tried any of these techniques but still have problems with your lines, you should contact a drain cleaning professional. These technicians have specialized equipment for the job, so even if they need to work on extensive tasks like cleaning the main sewer lines, everything will be done efficiently and promptly. They will first inspect your drain lines to identify the problem and then find a lasting solution.


25 January 2022

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