5 Reasons To Schedule Sewer Cleaning Before Winter


Your sewer line doesn't have to be clogged before you schedule a line cleaning. There are quite a few reasons to have the line cleaned before winter arrives.

1. No Holiday Backups

With winter comes the holiday season and a houseful of guests. All of the visitors, meals, and preparations for the holiday can put extra stress on your home's sewer lines since toilets, showers, and appliances like garbage disposals are at peak usage. A sewer line backup can ruin your celebration at worst and be inconvenient at best. Cleaning the sewer line before winter arrives minimizes the chances of a holiday backup.

2. Fewer Drain Odors

Debris and sludge inside the sewer lines may not lead to a backup or even noticeably slow drains, but it can lead to bad odors. Sewer odors are less noticeable in the warm months when windows are often left open, but in winter the odors will collect inside the closed-up and heated home.  A full sewer cleaning will remove anything in the drain that is smelling bad so your home will remain fresh all winter.

3. Easier Repair Access

Sometimes a sewer cleaning and inspection may find a minor issue, such as a small and repairable leak in the line. It's much easier to fix this problem in the fall, before the ground freezes during the winter. Trying to excavate a small area for a quick repair when the ground is frozen can be difficult and, in some cases, impossible, which means a proper repair may not be possible until spring. This can lead to greater damage in the long run.

4. Reduced Freeze Risk

Water stuck in lines can increase the chances of a pipe freezing and cracking once winter arrives. The main sewer line is ideally buried deep enough that this isn't an issue, but it can be an issue with secondary lines that feed into the main sewer line. Landscape drain lines are particularly susceptible. Cleaning out all the sewer drain lines and not just the mainline can reduce the risk of them freezing and bursting when cold weather arrives.

5. Root Incursion Prevention

Although the leaves may fall off the trees in the fall, the roots can continue to grow all winter long. With less moisture and nutrients being accessible in the frozen and cold soil, these roots may begin to invade the sewer line in search of both water and nutrition. Cleaning out sewer lines also clears out any invading roots. Your sewer service may also treat the lines with a root growth retardant. 

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9 November 2021

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