Remodeling For A Minimalistic Kitchen


Your kitchen is an important space in your home, so you need to choose the theme for your next remodel carefully. If you enjoy working in spaces that are visually uncluttered, a minimalistic feel may be perfect for your next kitchen. Here are some tips for remodeling your kitchen into a more minimalistic room.

Color scheme

A minimalistic color scheme typically includes a lot of neutral colors, with just one or two brightly colored focal points in the room. If you want, you can use one or more of your appliances (such as the refrigerator) as your brightly colored focal point. Or, choose neutrals for all your basic kitchen elements and then use something smaller and more easily replaceable for your color accent so you can change up the look whenever you want.

Finishes and textures

You'll want to look for smooth finishes and textures that won't quickly grab the eye. While not everything has to be a plain flat matte surface (wood grain or natural stone countertops, kitchen cabinets, and floors can work well), you do want to avoid too many highly textured finishes that could clash and take away from the restfulness of the visual effect.

Shapes and outlines

Clean outlines are important for a minimalistic look. You won't want to choose kitchen furniture that has ornate scrolling and other decoratively shaped elements if everything else has straight edges. Even in neutral colors, this wouldn't look like minimalism. Instead, simple geometric shapes and stark lines should dominate when choosing bar stools, kitchen tables and chairs, and other kitchen furniture. The same goes for your countertop edgings and the style of your cabinets.

Open space

A cluttered kitchen work area is antithetical to minimalism. So you'll want to ensure your kitchen remodel includes plenty of open floor space, plenty of open countertops, and plenty of vertical space. And make sure you have plenty of storage space to keep small frequently-used kitchen items out of sight since leaving them out on the countertops could take away from the minimalistic look.


Once you've decided on the rest, you can look into accent features that will provide the focal point of visual interest for your minimalistic kitchen. For instance, hanging light fixtures (often centered over the sink or the kitchen island) can be a great way to add a colorful, stylish accent. Be sure to choose a color and look that will not only provide flair, but really express your personal style.

These tips will help you as you look for stylistic elements to add to or subtract from your kitchen when remodeling it into a minimalistic style. Get in touch with a kitchen remodeling contractor in your area to discuss different styles of kitchen remodels that would look great in your home.


27 October 2021

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