Water Heater Repair: How To Spot A Faulty Heater


Many homes in the United States use water heaters to keep their water at the desired temperature. Therefore, one of the most significant problems you as a homeowner can encounter is a faulty heater. And the situation becomes worse in cold seasons like winter when you need hot water to survive and stay comfortable. But, if you know the signs to look out for, you can fix your equipment before the issues aggravate and it breaks down completely. Below are some common symptoms of water heater problems.

1. No hot water

A water heater has one primary role: to heat your water. If you constantly receive cold water or the water temperature is unsatisfactory, there's a problem that needs fixing. Some of these include a damaged fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Moreover, a heater with a faulty thermostat or heating element will also fail to heat water to the preferred temperature. If any of these applies to your case, let the experts check if your equipment's cold and hot connections cross or if you acquired an undersized heater.

2. Murky or cloudy water

Broken water heaters often lead to cloudy or funky-smelling water. In other cases, you may receive water with a metallic tinge, taste, or smell. Note that a functional heater is supposed to give cloudy water due to trapped gases. However, the water should clear quickly. Failure to do so is an indicator of an imminent breakdown. Moreover, since heaters age with time, that problem could be compounded by sediment build-up and rust, which lead to discolored water coming out of your faucets.

3. Strange noises

A water heater shouldn't produce loud creaking, rumbling, or popping noises. If you hear these or any other unusual sounds coming out of yours, it's time to get it checked. One of the primary causes of strange noises in heaters is the accumulation of sediment at the bottom. When that happens, hot water bubbling through it will produce unusual noises. That is why professionals recommend you use water softeners and flush your heater regularly.

4. Water leaks

Water leak problems in heaters are easier to identify from pools or drips. This issue has numerous causes, including loose drain valves that need tightening. In addition, sometimes tanks build up excessive pressure, which leads to leaking in heaters. If your heater has a glass lining, mineral deposits can also crack it and, eventually, cause leaks.

When your heater has a problem that demands repair, it's best to call in a professional service provider. Repair experts will fix your heater quickly to ensure you get consistent, clean, and hot water. Moreover, since faulty equipment performs inefficiently and consumes more energy, by hiring professional water heater repair services, you stand to enjoy lower water and energy bills. Contact a water heater repair company for more information. 


20 October 2021

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