Reasons Why Water May Not Come From a Well


If your home has a water well, you expect to get water as requested. Things can change and go wrong with this system though that then prevents water from being produced. Here are several reasons why this might happen.

Pump is Powered Off

In order for a pump to move water throughout a well system and into your home, the pump has to be running. Sometimes, this component can turn off in certain conditions -- such as it experiencing too much pressure. A pump powered off is pretty easy to deal with.

You'll just need to turn it back on and then monitor pumping performance for a couple of days. If it continues to turn off, you'll need to hire a plumbing contractor that can make an official diagnosis and then proceed to a repair once they gather the right power-related data.

Severe Leaking

Your pump could be perfectly fine, but it could be that there are major leaks happening below the surface that are preventing water from ending up in your home. Severe leaking isn't something you want to take on. Instead you should hire a plumber that knows a lot about well systems and their pumps.

They can spot leaking a lot more quickly and effectively than you can, which is required to restore order and get water moving throughout various components. The sooner you act on leaking, the quicker you can get this important system to make water. 

Component Damage

If there is damage with major components of a well system around a residential property, then that may be enough to keep water from making it into your home. If you're not sure what components are damaged, you can hire a plumber for a complete analysis.

They can just run your well system through standard performance tests and then narrow their focus based on how various components work. Component damage needs to be managed by a true professional because setting up replacement parts and making repairs can be difficult, especially if the parts are underground and thus not easy to access with standard tools. 

When you realize water isn't coming from your well, you want to perform a couple of inspections to get a general idea of the problem. Even if you can't figure out what's keeping water from flowing into your home properly, you can hire a plumber and then immediately gain access to sound inspection and troubleshooting services. 

For more information on well systems, contact a specialist in Asheboro, NC.


31 August 2021

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