6 Silent Signs That You Need Plumbing Assistance


The sound of a dripping tap, a banging pipe, or a swirling toilet is an indication of a serious plumbing issue. But not all plumbing problems are so obvious. Sometimes, plumbing issues occur silently. And by the time you take action, it may be too late to stop a minor issue turning into a major issue. 

The following six silent signs are all indicators of a serious plumbing issue that require the assistance of a plumber.

1. Discolored water

If your water suddenly appears discolored, then your pipes may be in the process of degrading due to corrosion or rust. Greenish water means that copper pipes are corroding, while brownish water is an indication of rust. This is something that needs immediate plumbing assistance because rusting or corroding pipes may soon burst and cause a costly flood.

2. Discolored pipes

Discolored pipes are another sign of rust and corrosion. The most common place to see discoloration is around the pipe unions. Sometimes, a slow leak can gradually damage a pipe enough to weaken it substantially. You need a plumber to diagnose and fix the issue quickly.

3. An unusual patch of grass

If you see a patch of grass growing faster than the grass around it, this may be a sign of a burst water pipe. You may also notice that the area is sodden with water or even flooded. This needs fast plumbing assistance because a burst pipe can damage your home inside and outside.

4. Unpleasant smells

A common indication of backed-up pipes is an unpleasant odor. When a pipe clogs, the blockage in the pipe begins to rot, and that smell will soon enter your home. A plumber can solve this problem with a drain snake.

5. Unusually high water bill

When a water bill spikes suddenly without warning, a leak may be to blame. A single hidden leak can cost you thousands of dollars, especially if that leak is left unfixed for too long.

6. Weak water pressure

Weak water pressure from one faucet usually means you simply need to replace the faucet. But if your water pressure is low in several areas of your home, then a hidden leak could be to blame. If water is leaking into the internal structure of your home, you need plumbing assistance to fix the leak before it causes more damage to your home.

If you spot any of these silent signs, don't wait to see what might happen. Call for plumbing assistance immediately. A plumber can ensure that a minor issue doesn't turn into a serious problem. Contact a plumber for more plumbing assistance.


17 August 2021

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