Freeing Plumbing Clogs And Preventing Them From Returning


There are few plumbing problems that are as common as clogged drains. When the drains of your plumbing become clogged, it can create a number of problems while also potentially being difficult for you to effectively correct.

Flush The Drain

At the first sign of your drain starting to run more slowly, you may want to spend the time thoroughly flushing the drain with hot water. This can help to dissolve and wash away grease that could cause the drain to run more slowly. When you are flushing the drain, it is important for the water to be hot, but you should avoid the use of boiling water as it can be hot enough to actually damage the pipes or other plumbing components. It may take several cycles of flushing with hot water to significantly improve the flow of water through the drain, but this can be an effective way of preventing the drain from completely clogging.

Avoid Clog Removing Chemicals 

When a drain develops a clog, one of the first steps that people may take is to use a clog removing chemical to dissolve the substances that are blocking the flow of water. While these chemicals can be extremely powerful and effective, they can also contribute to major plumbing damage. For example, it is possible for the clog removers to corrode the pipes so that they are more likely to experience a sudden failure in the future. Rather than using these products, you should use a drain auger that is capable of reaching far enough in the pipe to remove the clog. In addition to being a simple device to use, these augers can also be an extremely effective option for removing hair and other blockages that have formed in the pipe.

Protect The Drain From Future Clogs

Minimizing the risk of the clogs returning to your drain may require you to install a drain guard. These are effective devices, but you will have to be sure that you choose a strainer that perfectly fits your drain. If there are gaps around the edges of the guard otherwise do not fit the drain, substances will be able to go around this device. In addition to making sure that you choose a drain guard that fits your plumbing, you will also need to choose a guard that has the smallest openings possible. This will be far more effective at stopping hair or other small pieces of debris from entering the plumbing system. Contact a plumber for more information. 


7 July 2021

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