Septic Pumping Service: Tips From Your Plumber


If you have a septic system, it's essential to understand the importance of pumping your system. Septic pumping removes waste and solids that cannot break down into the wastewater treatment plants. This can reduce the risk of groundwater pollution and contamination of nearby wells or surface water sources. For these reasons, it's crucial to find a reputable septic tank service provider before your next scheduled maintenance date arrives.

Common Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Pumping

Several signs indicate that you need a septic system pumping. They are:

  • Sewage water backing up through the drains in your sink, bathtub, and toilet — This can happen because there's an obstruction somewhere along the line that prevents proper drainage of effluent from one part of the septic tank to another.
  • The sewage flowing out of sinks or toilets is dark — This can happen because the effluent has been sitting in the septic tank for too long, causing anaerobic conditions that will cause decomposition of organic matter.
  • The sewage coming out through toilets or sinks smells bad — This could be caused by several things like improper installation, a compromised septic tank liner, or bacterial infection.
  • The sewage coming out is foamy — This could mean the effluent hasn't been sufficiently mixed with air, which will cause it to form bubbles as it rises through the plumbing pipes and your sinks and toilets.
  • The septic tank water level has dropped below the overflow pipe opening — You should have a septic pumping company come out to fix this.

What You Can Do to Extend the Life of Your Septic System

If you live in a rural area, the best thing to do is to perform septic system pumping every year. In more populated areas, the plumbers may regularly come. This is because the wastewater from septic systems can contaminate groundwater.

Keeping your system in good working order means you'll be able to use it for as long as possible before needing a replacement system.

How to Pick a Reliable Septic System Pumping Provider

Before choosing a septic pumping service, ask for references from people who have pumped septic systems in your area. If you buy a home or build a new one, remember to inquire about their septic system pumping services during negotiations with the seller and contractor.

  • Ask whether there's an environmental fee that could affect how much it costs to pump your septic system.
  • Find out whether the company is licensed and insured to work in your state.
  • Look for a septic pumping service that provides flexible scheduling. That is helpful if you're on vacation when it's time for your septic system to be pumped.
  • Before deciding who should pump your septic system, compare their rates, which may differ depending on how many times a year you need the service.
  • Ask your septic pumping provider about their general maintenance schedule for keeping the system working properly.


24 June 2021

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