How To Check Your Home For Water Leaks


Higher water bills or a meter that keeps running even when all the taps are closed are both signs that you have a hidden leak somewhere in your house. The following guide can help you inspect the usual culprits so you can locate and repair the problem.


Toilets can leak internally or externally. An internal leak is sometimes obvious, as your toilet may tend to run constantly or even to ghost flush when it's not in use. You can check for an internal leak by placing a few drops of food coloring in the tank. Leave the toilet unused for a few hours and then check the water in the bowl. If the colored water has leached into the bowl, then you have an internal leak that requires repair.

External leaks tend to occur either due to a crack in the tank or bowl, or from the wax seal around the base of the tank. A food coloring test can help you find these leaks as well. This time, place the coloring in both the tank and bowl, then wait a few hours or days. If you notice the color on the outside of the toilet or around the base of the toilet, then you have a leak.

Water Heater

Leaks from a hot water heater tend to be a bit more obvious. A major leak means there will be standing water under or near the hot water heater. If your heater sits inside a drip pan, the pan will have standing water in it. In fact, any water in the pan is reason enough to have a plumber check the heater.

Small leaks may not be as obvious. In some cases you can hear them as a consistent quiet hiss from the tank. Otherwise, check the different valves for moisture accumulation. If you find any moisture around the fill valve, drainage valve, or overflow valve, then it is time to call your plumber.

Outdoor Hose Bibs

Outdoor hose bibs and faucets are a common place for leaks, simply because these taps are more exposed to the elements. You can place your ear near the faucets, with the water turned off, to listen for the hiss of leaking water inside the line. The faucets may also drip or otherwise have moisture collected around them.

Open up any utility boxes, such as those with the control valves for your sprinkler system. If there is standing water inside, you may have a leak.

Inside Water Taps

Finally, check all your indoor water taps. Dripping faucets, either from the faucet mouth or around its base, can result in major water waste.

Leaks under the sink can also be a problem. Check underneath all sinks and around water using appliances frequently. If you find standing water, dampness, or mold, then a leak is a possibility.

If you still have trouble locating the leak, contact a plumbing repair contractor. They can help find and repair the problem.


26 May 2020

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